A warm welcome to all members of the Fireball Tennis Community,

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It has been a really productive recent period for Fireball, with many exciting events and developments taking place. Our Fireball Orange and Green Ball Tennis Hotshots Leagues finals were played in September, with over eighty-five Fireball kids participating in this season competition. This is one of the highest ANZ Tennis Hotshot Leagues participation rates in Australia, and one that I am super excited about as this competition allows our next generation of future Fireball champions to develop a passion for the sport of tennis. The key behind our incredible success at Fireball is not due to a single person, but more a great group effort including dedicated Fireball coaches, supportive parents and local affiliated Fireball clubs, and kids that love playing the sport of tennis – Thank you to everybody that is involved in this great competition, and I look forward to continuing this involvement in our upcoming Term Four summer hotshot leagues competition.

We also have completed our Fireball Solinco All Stars Play-Offs, a special event exclusive to Fireball where our leading twelve kids in Fireball’s main junior programs competed for a Fireball Solinco Athletic Scholarship, which entitles the winning player to a term worth of free private lessons with a coach of their choice, and also official Fireball Solinco Clothing package. This events provides the opportunity for all of our junior players with a goal to strive towards, and a positive and motivating culture for players to achieve their highest potential with their tennis. Congratulations to all players for being selected to participate in this competition, and further congratulations to this seasons winners, – Orange Ball – Josh Seneca, Green Ball – Eric Godfrey, Junior Girls – Emily Godfrey, and Junior Boys – James Aitken.

This special Fireball Playing Culture is starting to achieve some special feats, including our recent Hobart Tennis Tournament Trip, where nine Fireball kids travelled to Hobart with three Fireball High Performance coaches to compete in the Hobart Junior Open. It is a special achievement to have nine players able to go interstate and compete in a tennis tournament as a group, and demonstrates that our junior program and the coaches within this program are doing an exceptional job in developing our younger players tennis. Not only did the kids improve and develop their tennis during the trip, they experienced a trip of a lifetime, and one that will remember for a long time. Special thanks to Trent Constance, a Tennis Australia national academy tennis coach for being so accommodating and helping our players during the tournament. Congratulations also to Maxim Illiev and James Aitken for becoming national ranked tennis players during the tournament. Also a big congratulations to Fireball High Performance director and coach Stephen Hoh for winning the Men Open Gold Australian Money Tournament!

Off the tennis court we have spent a lot of work improving our member services performance, so we can provide a reliable service to all new and current members. Can all members please save and use the following two contact details – email memberservices@fireballtennis.com.au and mobile, save under Fireball Manager- 0422 270 224. Both of these contact details are fully operational now, and I encourage all members to use these for any new member or current member task. Our makeup lessons organized increased by 300% from term two, with 780 makeups successfully organized in term three! We understand that we still have some work to do, and focus on delivering continued improvements in term four. We have invested in our member services capabilities and are confident that if you take advantage and use these two systems that you will receive a fast and efficient response. For any tasks that our manager is unable to do, then they will contact me for advice and permission. If you don’t receive the right response from our Fireball Manager, then please contact me on 0400 216 290 and I will make sure this is completed.

Finally I encourage all members that have social media to regularly check our Fireball social media platforms, www.facebook.com/fireballtennis, and www.instragram/fireballtennis as we regularly update our social media with competitions and good news stories at Fireball. We will be including some Fireball coach tips and new competitions in the near future, so all the support we can get will be very much appreciated.

I am genuinely looking forward to Term Four at Fireball, as we are motived to continue the momentum we have create so far this year and capitalize also on the improved weather. There will be a number of special events that all Fireball members are welcome to attend, starting of this Friday with our Fireball Family Pizza party, and I encourage all families to come down and take advantage of these events. We will also be having our Fireball Christmas Party at Melbourne Park again this year, and we will also be part of January’s Australian Open!

Any feedback or if you would like to get in touch with me personally, please contact me on 0400216290, or fireball@fireballtennis.com.au

Thank you,

Gareth Constance