Coach Stephen’s Tennis Tip

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No matter a player’s age or skill level, the most important thing for their development is to have FUN

The reason why every kid picks up the racquet in the first place is because they want to have fun, and it is important to keep this emphasis on enjoyment as they progress.If kids are having a blast out on the court, it will grow their love of the game. The stronger a player’s love of the game, the stronger foundation they will have for their young tennis careers. A tennis career always has its ups and downs (eg, playing well/playing not so well, wins/loses, etc), and a strong love of the game will make the ups better, and the downs not so bad.

When a player just loves playing tennis, he or she will often put in the extra work without even knowing it. For example, a kid who loves being on court might start hitting against a wall at home for fun, which doesn’t seem like practice, but definitely helps them improve tennis-specific skills.

Kids figure a lot out by themselves, so self-motivation is essential to being a successful tennis player, and the only way to get there is to grow a love of the game, and have FUN!