Mission & Philosophy


We believe that learning to enjoy the game of tennis is our primary goal at Fireball Tennis Academy.

At Fireball Tennis Academy we will provide our clients a fun and exhilarating tennis experience. Our coach’s knowledge of tennis extends from local grassroots tennis to elite international tennis. There is one constant with our staff, we love the game of tennis. We will develop this same outlook with our students.

We believe learning the game of tennis has a positive impact has on a child’s development.

At Fireball Tennis Academy we are passionate about the sport of tennis and the head start it provides to kids of all ages and demographics. It provides kids with self-confidence, coordination, social skills, general athleticism, motor skill development, respect, accountability, enjoyment and an open mind to sport, all the while learning tennis skills that they will enjoy throughout their lifetime.

We believe that tennis coaches should be participants of the game, as well as coach the game.

‘Actions speak louder than words’. There is a place for verbal cues in tennis coaching; however visual cues are much more effective in many instances. We provide our students who are competing in tournaments positive strategies when confronted with pressures in match situations. A Fireball Tennis Academy coach aims to be an important and lifelong role model or our students.

We believe that honesty and integrity are the key determinants to our academy’s success.

These two values go hand in hand. A true champion is a person that can emulate honesty and integrity no matter the circumstance. Maintaining you’re honesty and integrity is what it takes to becoming a leader at Fireball Tennis Academy. These qualities are essential for the whole Fireball Tennis Academy Team.

We believe that the sport of tennis has no limitations.

Tennis is a sport that doesn’t have language barriers or age restrictions. It can be played and enjoyed in every continent throughout the world, and by people of all ages. It has no limits to what it can provide it participants. Tennis has provided members of Fireball Tennis Academy with life altering and unforgettable experiences, such as travelling throughout Australia and the World, achieving College Scholarships to America, making life long friends, and being able to achieve accomplishments that are not possible without the sport of tennis.

We believe in continual development and mentorship training at Fireball Tennis Academy.

At Fireball Tennis Academy, ongoing mentorship and development programs are key to developing the best leaders and coaches. Fireball Tennis Academy encourages our coaches to engage in on court and off court development in order to maintain a high level of understanding of the tennis game but more importantly methods on how to become an exceptional mentor. Mentoring and development provides our coaches and students prodigious habits that can be applied to both sports and life skills.

We believe in our academy and the service we offer.