Thank you so much again for everything you have done for Jai. It amazes me how much you do for the kids in general and how special they feel because of it. The new training with Stephen you have initiated is unreal. I am so grateful Jai is a part of that. The progress reports is a great idea (as I don’t move from the car seat while Jai is training that often and treat it as some ME time) where I get to see what I can do as a parent to support him. He has taken to this sport in a major way and would play everyday if he could. Unfortunately, my ME time doesn’t extend that far. Most of his enthusiasm in this sport has a lot to do with you Gareth and the energy you bring; even in your support coaches. Yallambie has become a pleasant place to hang about. I will certainly be taking up some of those Boroondara tournaments you have recommended. The structure for the new elite training works excellent for Jai. In that he is getting that extra specialised coaching now from both you and Stephen. Jai is LOVING it! The fee although a struggle for me as a single parent is really quite a bargain when broken down, and we wont be taking this for granted, in my support for Jai; and his commitment to take in as much as he can from his lessons.
Thank you again.Donna

About a year ago I heard about Fireball Tennis Cardio Program and signed up. It was a great decision! I wanted to find a fitness program that fitted in with my busy lifestyle of returning to work and having two small children. I don’t have much spare time, but the one hour intense session fits in perfectly with my hectic life. I started with one session but enjoyed it so much increased it to two sessions per week. It is an excellent workout, and has improved my fitness level. I feel great after each session! Thank you Fireball Tennis for getting me back into a fitness regime. I truly appreciate the amazing program you run and the dedicated coaches. I have met really lovely people who I enjoy working out with and who keep me motivated. Keep up the great work! Sarah Bishop, Montmorency

The cardio tennis program is a great way to get fit and have fun and a laugh. The coaching staff are very supportive of getting the best out of you each session pushing you as far as you want to go. I enjoy it so much I now go twice a week. I started with no tennis skills and each session I can see improvement in my skills.Penny McKenzie, Yallambie

I can’t speak highly enough of Gareth and the team at Fireball Tennis. The enthusiasm and dedication to each and every player is outstanding. Since beginning with Gareth 3 years ago, my son has developed in confidence and ability far beyond what I could have hoped for, and I truly believe this is down to the energy and devotion that has been invested in guiding and teaching him.Mandy Parkinson Bates, Viewbank

Tom had been coached by Gareth for almost 12 months now. He has loved the lessons with Gareth, who is a committed and enthusiastic coach. He really inspires the kids he coaches. Tom started with half hour lessons, moving to a full hour soon after that. He has just started playing in a Saturday morning competition and is about to start squad with Gareth as well. Tom would play every day if he could! Liz Hayes, Viewbank

Abbey has been coached by Fireball Tennis for several years. Abbey has confidence and looks forward to tennis. Since we all have a hectic schedule it has been fantastic that the Academy has always been flexible and approachable. Vic Baggio, Eltham

I couldn’t be more impressed! Gareth obviously loves what he does and it shows in his coaching. His enthusiasm and energy rubs off on the kids because they are bouncing around the courts and are listening to his every word.Michelle McDowell, Viewbank

Gareth is a great role model. He uses enthusiasm and positivity to engage with the kids. We are extremely grateful to him for creating a fun, encouraging environment where our son can feel confident enough to relax and give it a go.Paula Mathews, Banyule