Frequently Asked Questions


Fireball Tennis Academy – Washout & Makeup Policy

At Fireball Tennis Academy we understand that both outside circumstances and weather can have an affect on our students scheduled lessons. For that reason we have created the following policy to assist with rescheduling a make up lesson.


Player’s parents will be contacted about rescheduling a student’s lesson if the courts become too wet due to rain or if the temperature rises to over 36C.
We will contact you via SMS or phone call. However, if you have not been contacted and you are unsure, you are welcome to phone 1 300 FIREUP and simply select the Weather and Conditions prompt (2).

Illness or Other Family Circumstance

Please notify Fireball Tennis Academy at Member Services is 0422 270 224. We require a 24-hour notification when possible. Should the circumstance be illnesses please notify us as soon as possible.

Private Lesson or Semi-Private Lessons

Fireball Tennis Academy requires a 24-hour cancellation for both private and semi-private lessons. We will need to reschedule your lesson when you or both parties can attend.

Scheduling a Make Up Lesson

Make up lessons are offered on the following days:
YALLAMBIE TENNIS CLUB – Wednesday afternoons & Sunday mornings
ST FRANCIS XAVIER – Wednesday afternoons

What Do I Need to Supply to Start Lessons?

The answer to this question is not much! Fireball Tennis virtually supplies all the necessary equipment to conduct the lesson. All coaches are equipped with a range of different rackets that can be used at each lesson. We just encourage players to come to tennis in suitable sun smart sports playing attire (runners, hat, comfortable clothes, and drink bottle). Other than that there is no other requirements needed.

When Do I have to pay for my tennis lessons?

Tennis Lessons are paid for on a term by term basis, with an invoice issued at the start of the term. This is normally issued electronically via email; however members that don’t have access to the internet can receive their invoice via their respective coach. Fireball Tennis’s teaching term runs in accordance with the local school term, with four terms evident per year. During the breaks in the school and coaching term, Fireball Tennis runs school holiday clinics each day of the school holiday period. Lessons that are missed due to justifiable circumstances such as inclement weather or illness or going away, are to be made up via a mutually convenient time for both the academy and the member. With Fireball Tennis running classes each weekday afternoon and on Saturday mornings, finding a mutually convenient time is not really an issue. Furthermore Fireball Tennis has introduced an easy to use Make up System, where the member simply emails through times that suit throughout the week for makeups, and Fireball Tennis guarantees to return their email with potential times within one business day.

How long does my tennis lesson go for?

How long tennis lessons go for is heavily dependent on the Fireball Tennis program the member is participating in. Fireball Tennis Hotshots and Junior Program lessons consist of a thirty minute tennis lesson with a maximum of four students per class in the lesson. The squad program and High Performance consist of longer time formats, with the average time being ninety minutes. However as you can imagine at this level, this is highly dependent on the players specific needs.