Green and Go Ball – 10 to 12 years old


Green and Go is the final stag e before playing on the full sized tennis court. The equipment and teaching methods evident in this stage are still modified to enhance the kid’s transition into the full court stage.

Tennis is taught through the games based approach, where technique and tactics are taught in an open environment, which allows the kids to experiment and learn independently. Our coaches will then regress and close down the environment when teaching new skills or modifying bad habits. Once the players master this new skill, the coach will then open up the environment again so they can use this skill in a tennis specific environment. Major features include during our Green and Go stage include, using the serve as a weapon, proper weight transference from back to forward, the right time to use spin, advanced court positioning, and taking the ball on the rise.

Your Child Will Learn To

  • Performing natural rhythmic throwing action service motion, incorporating leg drive, external and internal rotation, and natural throwing action and accurate ball toss.
  • Consistent serve into the service box from the baseline.
  • Rally with partner from baseline and net position.
  • Understanding the three stages of a tennis point, neutral, offensive and defensive.
  • Learning and practice winning tactical plays, such and one tow power play and moving opponent around.
  • Utilise their strengths and exploit their opponent’s weaknesses.
  • Extending their knowledge of the point scoring system in tennis, and being able to deal with difficult situations that can arise in a tennis match.
  • Display respect for Coaches, Officials, Teammates, and Opponents.


  • Progression from Orange Ball Tennis Program
  • Opportunity to do either 30 minute or 60 minute lesson format Held at Yallambie Tennis Club, Lower Plenty, and Viewbank Primary School.
  • Held each weeknight after school and on Saturday mornings.
  • Term in conjunction with Victorian School Term
  • Free 25 inch racket with enrollment
  • Focus on preparing them for Fireball Tennis’s final modified program; Mini Tennis Green