Orange Ball – 7 to 10 years old


Children at this particular stage now learn to play tennis on a ¾ court. This level of players draw on what they have learnt in the Red Stage and extended their knowledge through exploring more detailed technique elements (spins and different variations), tactical elements, such as learning when to attack and defend during a point situation.

The narrow court size also reinforces and encourages players to experiment and learn to approach the net and volley. This greatly enhances our player’s improvement, as learning how to come to the net and volley is essential in order to become an all court player, such as Rodger Federer.

Your Child Will Learn To

  • Develop a swing that incorporates multiple body segments, ie legs, trunk, and arms.
  • Develop a swing that is capable of hitting basic topspin and slice.
  • Perform a rhythmic service action
  • Sound volley and overhead technique
  • Be able to understand when to attack and defend in a match
  • Be able to transition from the back of the court to the net
    Engage in regular rallies with partner
  • Develop great motor and perceptual skills, ie low volley to high smash
  • Increase general athletic ability
  • Work within a team environment
  • Extend on basic understanding of point scoring in tennis
  • Understand and deal with losing points in a match


  • Progression from Mini Tennis Red Program
  • Opportunity to do either 30 minute or 60 minute lesson format Held at Yallambie Tennis Club, Lower Plenty, and Viewbank Primary School.
  • Held each weeknight after school and on Saturday mornings.
  • Term in conjunction with Victorian School Term
  • Free 23 inch racket with enrollment
  • Modified orange balls travel slower through the air and bounce in the hitting zone of the child. This enhances and fast tracks their stroke development and allows them to have longer rallies and hit more tennis balls.
  • Focus on preparing them for Fireball Tennis’s final modified program; Mini Tennis Green