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Fireball Tennis Academy has officially launched My Fireball Foundation. This is a new program which was initiated by Gareth Constance, Fireball Tennis Academy owner - when we were on our first visit to the Tiwi Island Community in November of 2017. This program aims to provide tennis lessons and equipment to the Tiwi Island community with two visits a year. Additionally, it aims to provide tennis coaching to two youth leaders on scholarships each year in January, (around the time of the Australian open), so that they can continue to positively impact lives and provide lessons outside of our visits.  

At Fireball, we understand just how empowering it is for people when they fall in love with the game of tennis. Therefore, the goal of My Fireball Foundation is to make sustainable longterm benefits in underprivileged communities, empowering adults, teens and children, by providing them with the opportunity to to learn and fall in love with the game of tennis.   


Gareth was inspired to create My Fireball Foundation while on a Tiwi Islands trip, when happenstance came across a local Australian Rules Football match that was being played over there. He met some of the local kids and he was instantly motivated to create My Fireball Foundation due to the community’s generosity and passion for sport. Gareth said, “Meeting the Tiwi Islanders instigated a passion to help the community and kids. My concept was to provide tennis resources to the community and also educate upcoming local coaches so they can pass on the skills to teach the younger kids.”  


During the trip, Stuart, the principal of Tiwi Island College went on to say, “The kids were brutally honest at the start, they said "I don’t like tennis,"  but by the end you couldn’t get a racket out of their hand. They were all trying to get back into it.  An hour and a half wasn’t enough they were back at lunch time and wanting to do it again the next day.” 



Bringing the love of tennis to rural and disadvantaged communities.

My Fireball Foundation was established with the clear goal to empower the Tiwi Islands Community and to make long term positive change through the sport of tennis.


MELBOURNE, Victoria Australia

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