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Customer Service Charter


Like most small businesses, we know that our success lies in our ability to provide excellent service to our customers both on and off the court. 

We love being a part of our club communities, and providing excellent care, and attention is what drives the following promises to you:




  • We will respond promptly to your enquiry via phone call and email. 

  • We aim to respond to emails within two working days.

  • We aim to respond to phone calls within business hours that day. 

  • Voice messages left after hours will be responded to the next working day. 

  • We will provide accurate and up to date information. 


Our coaches can keep contact with you as well - they aim to respond to text or voice messages within 24 hours of a working day.


Our Fireball Off-Court Team will know and adhere to our customer service principals. 





Our service to you will be conducted with integrity and honesty.

We will focus on helping you find solutions for your children’s and your needs.

Every customer is treated equally.




Full invoice payment is due at the start of each new term or at program start (match play, holiday clinics etc.), except for Direct Debit payments.


If payment is not made on time or an alternative arrangement made by contacting Fireball Tennis Academy beforehand, unfortunately we have to remove you/your child from the class list and you/your child will not be able to take part in the lessons.


The Fireball ‘No pay - no play’ policy applies for outstanding payments from week 2 of the term (day 2 of programs) until the invoice is settled.  


No Refunds Or Make-ups will be given for non-attendance for all tennis lessons in the enrolled term. 


Refunds are only granted for medical reasons, and our first option will be to credit missed lessons to the following term. 


Fireball offers flexible friendly payment plans, but notice must be provided and approval from our Fireball Member Services Team is required.


Continuation of Fireball Tennis Term Enrolments

Unless Member Services have been informed via email or phone by the second last week of the current term, members are automatically booked into the following term. 

Outstanding Membership Fee Debt

Unpaid Fireball Member invoices will be sent to a third party provider to collect the outstanding fees. 




Wash Out Policy

If lessons are washed out, you will receive a SMS text message informing you of the wash out. 

If you do not receive a SMS message, lessons will be conducted at the usual class time. 

If you have not heard from us please always assume the lesson is on schedule. 


Fireball Wet Weather Program

The Fireball wet weather program will resume again from Term 2 2021 in a COVID-safe set up indoors. The program consists of a combination of skill based activities, strength and conditioning, balance, and tennis theory and mental strength training. 


A detailed overview of the program can be reviewed and downloaded here


The program is only for group lessons and squads. It is the decision of the private coach whether they will continue a wet weather program for a private lesson. 

Heat Out Policy

If the temperature on court is 37 degrees or above you will receive a SMS text message informing you of a heat out. 

When the temperature on court is between 36-36.9 degrees, we will apply the Fireball Tennis Heat Program. This is a safely adjusted tennis lesson to be run in these conditions accordingly. 





Fireball Tennis Academy offers make-up tennis lessons as a courtesy to all members who have notified us that they cannot attend one of their scheduled tennis classes:


  • Notice must be given prior to the absence.

  • A minimum of 12 hours notice must be given.
    For exceptional (medical) circumstances, where this notice period cannot be provided, please contact our Member Services team to discuss. 

  • Make-up classes are subject to availability of an appropriate and equivalent class. Please be flexible with days, times and coaches when wanting to book a make-up lesson.

  • Do not leave your make up lesson to the last week of Term. You may miss out due to full classes.

  • All make-up lessons must be completed within the Term of the missed lessons and cannot be transferred to another student.
    Make-up lessons may only be carried over to the holidays or the following term under special circumstances at the discretion of Fireball Tennis Management and where reasonable effort has been made to schedule them in the current term.

  • Make up lessons may be taken before the missed lesson if you know you are going to be away later in the term e.g. family holiday, school camp etc.


Please note, we are reasonable and exceptions to the above notification timeframes will be considered under special circumstances.


Ruling for Semi-private Lesson Make-ups

If one of the members cannot attend the scheduled class but the other member still attends, the member that is away will be eligible for a GROUP LESSON MAKE UP ONLY. 

For it to be considered a semi-private make up lesson, both members need to reschedule on a different day and time.


  • Absent Notifications and Make-up Bookings for all Group lessons can be arranged via the FIREBALL CUSTOMER ONLINE PORTAL, which can be found here.

  • Private/Semi-private lesson make-ups will be arranged by your coach with you directly.



Cancellation of enrolments can only be done by the second last week of the term. 

Any cancellations after this date will incur a penalty fee. 


If you wish to cancel your enrolment permanently, please notify Fireball Member Services ASAP or by the second last week of the term to ensure no invoice is generated for the following term. 


There is no refund for remaining lessons if the cancellation occurs during the term.


If the cancellation is due to medical reasons, a credit may be given upon receipt of a Doctor’s certificate verifying the medical reason for the cancellation.

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