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Our new program allows our players to keep improving during this lockdown period.  We are working towards keeping continuity with our players in order to have optimal success when we are allowed back on the court.

Due to the stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, Fireball will not be able to coach tennis on the court for the next 4 weeks. This is why we've worked super hard this week to create the Fireball Online Tennis Program for our members!

The program will run for 4 weeks, with 3 x 30 minute sessions running each week. The sessions will be centred around great drills and activities to help maintain continuity in your tennis over the break!

Our commitment to serve our members is not restricted to just the good times, but an  unwavering commitment that will stand up at all times. 

While our traditional forms of coaching are temporarily taken away from us, through using innovative thinking, our extensive experience and knowledge and our ability to problem solve and be adaptable, we can still deliver on our commitment to continue to develop our players tennis.  

To join the program contact Member Services by calling 0422 270 224 or emailing


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