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All About Coach Jay

My name is Jay and I’ve been working with Fireball for just over a year, and it has been one

of the best years of my working life! With the recent Corona Virus outbreak halting coaching, I have had time to reflect on what it is about working for Fireball that I love the most. There are many things, such as the family like bond the staff share together and the

easy going yet professional outlook we all have on our jobs. We are fortunate enough to

have jobs where we can be ourselves and have fun and focus on putting smiles on faces,

while also helping individuals develop both tennis and also life skills. Another positive of

working as a coach with Fireball is the opportunity to run school clinics at local schools.

These clinics are so enjoyable that I pinch myself when I realise, we’re getting payed to do

them! It is also very rewarding work, as primary school children are still deciding what

sports they want to play. Getting the chance to advertise tennis to others, which is a sport

that has given me so much joy, is a very privileged position to be in. With previous jobs, I

found that I would return home after work worn out and frustrated. However, with fireball I

look forward to my coaching shifts and always leave the court at the end of the day having

enjoyed myself and also feeling rewarded by the work I put in to my lessons. The hours are

also very flexible, allowing me to have a good work-life balance which is extremely

important! In conclusion, Fireball has given me the opportunity to teach a sport I love to

many bright young kids with lots of potential!

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