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Group Lessons vs Private Lessons

Private and Group Tennis Lessons are both important, but what are the advantages of each type of lessons and what is most optimal for your tennis development?

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are a one-on-one environment between a coach and a player. The nature of the lesson’s structure means that the coach is able to provide each player with much more detailed attention, nailing down to the details of their technique. This allows the coach to tailor each lesson specifically to what each player needs improvement on in their tennis.

For example, someone who really struggles with serving can more quickly develop their serve in private lessons than in group lessons. This player’s coach will be able to give them feedback with more detail and more frequently.

Group lessons:

Group lessons are a more social environment with several players in a group with one coach. Having multiple players tends to create a more competitive environment, where the players can develop skills such as consistency in a more “match-like” environment than in private lessons. Players are usually placed in a lesson with those who are of a similar standard of tennis, giving them a taste of what competition tennis can be like.

Group lessons not only provide experience in activities such as rallying and point-play, but they also provide a more social environment for players to find new friends and have fun!

The Verdict?

When it comes to choosing between private or group lessons Fireball recommends both! Participating in a weekly private lesson allows you to fine-tune your technique and develop in the areas of your game that need the most attention, which can then be put into practice in a weekly group lesson under more competitive conditions!

If you’d like more information on this topic or to enroll in a group or private lesson contact Fireball Tennis Member Services on 0422 270 224 or by emailing

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