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The Importance of Competition Tennis

Playing tennis competition, regardless of standard, is crucial to maximising performance and improvement. Competition allows players to measure performance and assess their skills through results attained in competition.


Learning through experience and practice allows players to gain an understanding on the skills, tactics, and problem-solving required to play a higher level of tennis and win tennis matches.

Application of learning

Without competition, players miss the opportunity to practice what they learn in their lessons. Competition provides players with a high-pressure environment to implement tactics and strategies learnt in lessons.


There is no arguing that practice enhances performance. Maximising practice and hours-on-court helps players have as many chances as possible to improve weaknesses and build on strengths. Competition is so beneficial because it creates extra opportunities for practice.

Goal Setting

Lastly, competition can be an avenue for players to set goals for their tennis. Regardless of standard, players can participate in the competition pathway, with Hot Shots Match Play, local Junior Competition, Universal Tennis Ranking (UTR) Tournaments, and Australian Points Tennis Tournaments providing options for players of all standards. This means players can set measurable goals for the standard of tennis they’d like to achieve, giving them a focus point to work towards when training.

Fireball Tennis places high importance on players competing through our competition pathways. Regardless of standard or age Fireball provides opportunities to exposure to competition through our programs in Fireball Hot Shots Match Play, UTR Tournaments, Local Junior Competition, and Fireball Tournament Trips.

To enquire about the Fireball Competition Pathways, contact us at or call 0422 270 224.

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