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What Strings Suit Your Game?

Last week in our blog we spoke about string tension and how it affects control, power and spin. We found that lower string tension is better suited for those who need an extra injection of pace in their game, while higher string tension is best suited for hard hitters who already have a lot of power. In this blog we will look at the different types of strings and help identify which is best for your style of play!

The Most Common Types of Strings

The most popularly used types of strings are:

  • Synthetic Gut

  • Multi-filament

  • Natural Gut

  • Polyester

Synthetic Gut:

Synthetic Gut is a good string for general playability. It provides overall average performance in terms of spin, power, control and durability. It provides a solid strong that is generally economically priced, providing good overall performance at a god price.

Generally Synthetic Gut is best for beginner players.


Like Synthetic Gut, Multi-filament provides good overall performance but provides better feel, more power, and more comfort on the joints compared to Synthetic Gut.

Multi-filament is a great alternative to Synthetic Gut and is perfect for players looking for more power and comfort from their string.

Natural Gut:

Natural gut is renowned for its unmatched power and feel, offering amazing feel and power even when strung at high tensions. Players who struggle with pains and injuries in the wrist, elbow and shoulder will find Natural Gut the most optimal string for this reason.


Finally, Polyester offers amazing durability, control and spin. Due to it’s stiff design, polyester strings tend to provide players with incredible control, allowing for big hitters to maintain control while also benefiting from its durability. Made famous by players like Rafael Nadal for their ability to generate spin, polyester strings such as ‘RPM Blast’ and ‘Solinco Hyper G’ are perfect for intermediate and advanced players.

Fireball’s Recommendation:

While there are exceptions, Fireball generally recommends beginner players who have played tennis for less than 1 year use Synthetic Gut as their string of choice. For intermediate and advanced players who have more experience playing tennis we recommend polyester strings for their incredible spin and durability.

If you’d like more information on this topic or would like to have your racquet re-strung, contact the Fireball Tennis Academy Pro Shop on 0481 853 154 or by emailing

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