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Our revolutionary Fireball Pathway program is the key reason for our academy’s sustained success, and why we are the preeminent leaders in providing tennis coaching services to residents of all ages and abilities in the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.


The Fireball Pathway provides players of all ages and abilities - from beginner to elite - with a structured holistic tennis pathway program. All programs evident throughout our pathway system incorporate a dual focus on promoting both tennis and personal development. 

We incorporate a strong holistic focus into our program to ensure all our players are champions both on and off the tennis court. This means on top of developing our players tennis skills, we aim to improve our player's general athletic abilities, motor and perceptual development, social skills, enjoyment for leading a healthier and active lifestyle, and always carrying oneself with dignity and displaying good sportsmanship.

Our program has been developed in accordance with the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) research and recommendations.

We take great pride in being the most innovative leaders of our industry.

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